3-Hour Racial Justice Challenge


Encouraging students to find solutions to problems that affect them.

The 3-hour Racial Justice Challenge Award is an activity that can be led by school staff in either a PSHE lesson or an off-curriculum day. The students will be challenged to work in teams to solve 1 of 3 racial injustices that we currently face in the UK. The students will:

1) Research the problem – get to the root causes & consequences of the issue.

2) Brainstorm solutions – this can be using technology, bringing communities together, or a local school-based solution.

3) Pick 1 solution Build out the idea.

We will provide everything you need (including an explainer video, resources and frameworks) to be able to lead this activity. You can share your ideas with other schools by using our hashtag.


Encouraging students to do their own research to explore societal problems - exploring the root causes and consequences.


Giving students the creative freedom to use their own interests to brainstorm solutions to societal problems. This also teaches students about collaboration.

Pick 1 Idea

After brainstorming - the group will decide on a single idea to build out. They will use our framework to delve into how their idea will solve the societal problem.

Share Your Solutions

By using our #RacialJusticeChallenge you can post your schools work on social media and automatically share ideas with other schools in our network who are participating in the challenge.

A Bit More About The Challenge.

Through the 3-Hour Racial Justice Challenge will introduce your students to 3 racial injustices that currently affect and limit global majority people in the UK.

Through this challenge your students will understand more about the injustice they choose and explore ideas on HOW to solve it. 

This will allow students to develop a whole host of skills including:

  • Research Skills
  • Team Work & Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Boosting Self Belief

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