Anti-Racism Boarding School Programme

Anti-Racism for Boarding Schools

Our boarding school programme is designed to transform school culture with a whole-school approach to combat racism.

Through trainings, policy shifts and support for students, we are providing the tools necessary for creating an inclusive and safe learning environment.

Our programme focuses on empowering students and staff with knowledge about understanding stereotypes, analyzing privilege structures, recognizing microaggressions, promoting positive relationships among classmates and challenging injustice in the school system.

We are working in Partnership with:

  • The African Caribbean Education Network (ACEN) – Experts in anti-racism educaion within the independent school sector.
  • Ann-Marie Christian, FRSA – International Safeguarding Expert – her work spans across continents and over 12 publications.  

Our team of experts has over 25 years of experience in education and child protection, with a track record of delivering high-quality anti-racism education in over 100 schools across the UK. 

Programme Breakdown

  • Student Workshops (Every Future Foundation):
  • 2-Hour workshops with each year group.
  • Building racial empathy and understanding.
  • Using a peer-led approach to combat casual racism and racist banter.

Teacher Training (ACEN):

  • An introduction to racism within the context of the UK.
  • Anti-Racism within a school setting – exploring organisational & individual responsibilities.
  • Racial literacy and terminology.
  • Recognising and challenging incidents inside and outside of the classroom.

Safeguarding Training (Ann Marie Christian):

  • Culturally considered safeguarding within schools and the local community.
  • Exploring racism from a safeguarding lens.
Fees: £2,900
  • 1 full day of student workshops with 2 facilitators
  • A half-day teacher training with ACEN
  • A 2-hour safeguarding training with Ann Marie Christian

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