Student Programmes

Anti Racism Student Programmes

We work with schools all over the UK to deliver engaging anti racism workshops to Years 6-9.

We offer schools bespoke programme packages that can fit into curriculum time and work with different school schedules. 

Teaching anti-racism in schools is hugely important, but often misunderstood, our programme delivers age-appropriate race education in an approachable and engaging way. Whilst creating a  new generation of educated and inclusive leaders.

Workshop Details

Module 1 – Introduction to Racism:

  • Exploring what racism means, how it operates and how we can spot it – focusing on the theoretic framework of the 3-levels of racism (personal, institutional, internal)
  • Understanding internal racism and how non-white minorities can carry negative self-talk simply from growing up as a minority.
  • Using videos, role playing games and mini debates to explore concepts and terminology.

Module 2 – Exploring History & Combatting Stereotypes:

  • Exploring British history – how history has been recorded and why we commonly hear about some versions of history and not others.
  • Exploring how British history impacts on the world we live in today, who is dominant in society, and who is stereotyped in society.
  • The cycle of oppression.
  • Recognising how we stereotype and how to challenge stereotypes.

Module 3 – Combatting Racism For a Better World:

  • Exploring different leadership/activism styles, look at diverse leaders and role models and analyse what qualities they might have.
  • Exploring activism and creating mini-campaigns in groups, exploring how to create the change they want to see.
  • Allyship.
  • Public speaking, critical thinking and using creativity throughout this session.

Our Fees:

Individual Training Days = £400 (for State Schools)/£600 (for Indepedent Schools)

We can usually deliver 3 x 90 minute workshops across 1 full day. We can also fit in a 30-minute assembly in the morning, if time allows.


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Book a call with our Director, Lara Sengupta, to discuss our anti-racism student programmes. Suitable for Primary and Secondary schools.

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