Safeguarding & Racial Justice - Training

Safeguarding & Racial Justice Training

What We Cover

Student safety becomes the responsibility of school stakeholders once they are within the school.

We provide safeguarding workshops through an anti-racist lends for all teaching staff including SLT, Safeguarding Leads, governors and teachers with a key focus on protecting children from race-based abuse and harm.

We help schools, universities, and councils to develop an effective and transparent procedures for dealing with racist incidents.

We will also explore understanding racism as a safeguarding issue and the mental health and physical health risks it poses to students and young people within the institution.

Themes covered: 

Part 1: Introduction (10 minutes)

  • Setting the tone
  • Common limitations when talking about race

Part 2: Racism Concerns in Safeguarding (15 minutes)

  • Racial Trauma
  • Disparities in Safeguarding
  • Addressing Racial Trauma

Part 3: Barrier of Biases and Stereotypes (40 minutes)

  • Types of Biases in Education
  • How to combat our Unconscious Bias
  • Communication Barriers
  • Case Study of racism as a Safeguarding Issue

Part 4: Strategising for Change (30 minutes)

  • Policies and Practices to bring change
  • Workshopping Activity to strategize for your school

“ UK schools recorded more than 60,177 racist incidents between 2016-2021. True scale is far higher as many racist incidences go unreported”Guardian Investigation, 2021

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