Decolonising the Curriculum Programme

Decolonising the Curriculum Programme

What We Cover

Decolonising the curriculum can seem like a huge and almost impossible task. We work with educational institutions to embark on this journey to create a more inclusive, decolonised curriulum that is representative of modern-day Britain.

We believe that students’ social, emotional as well as academic development will remain insufficient until the curriculum provides them with different local, national and global perspectives in the classroom and reflect their diversity and culture.

Diversifying and decolonising curriculum is a solid way to make students feel included and develop a sense of belonging while giving them an opportunity to develop critical perspectives about the real world. 

We provided consultancy services for developing an inclusive, decolonised and diversified curriculum  along with providing support for diversifying curriculum delivery and teaching approaches.  

Themes covered:

  • Understanding what and why of curriculum diversification and decolonisation and identifying the current inclusion gaps
  • Laying out a framework for developing a diverse curriculum and workshopping with SLT and teachers to define steps to reach curriculum diversification goals
  •  Providing a strategy for reviewing and evaluating the curriculum to understand its impact and make regular adaptations.
  • A dedicated account manager to provide ad-hoc support.

Training-only (2-Hour):

We can deliver a “training-only” session – consisting of a 2-hour training:

Introduction (10 min)

  • Understanding Decolonisation vs Diversification
  • Understanding the limitations of traditional curriculums.

Part I: Decoding Decolonisation

  • Understanding how colonialism can show up in traditional curriculums.
  • Historical implications and its modern-day significance.

Part II: Successful Examples of Curriculum Diversification & Decolonisation 

  • Empowerment Through Education: The Benefits of a Decolonised Curriculum.
  • Discussing research findings about the positive effects on students of all ethnicities
  • Exploring diverse resources for an inclusive curriculum

Part III: Exploring the Audit Framework (15 min)

  • Introduction to the Framework – how to use it
  • How to conduct positive conversations within your subject groups
  • Next Steps.

Year-long Programme:

Consisting of:

Term 1:

  • Racial Equity & Inclusion = 2 Hour Staff Training
  • Decolonising The Curriculum = 2-Hour Staff Training
  • A full audit of the curriculum – done in collaboration with subject leads.

Term 2:

  • Analysis of the audit results.
  • Subject-specific consultancy with each subject team. (10 x 1 hour meetings).

Term 3:

  • Implementation & creation of a longer-term road map with each subject leads.
  • Reflection & Evaluation = 2 Hour Staff Training 

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