Our Team

Lara Sengupta
Founder & Director

Lara’s personal experience of being a racialised minority child and then an adult growing up in London, played a major part in the creation of Every Future Foundation (Originally: Breakfast Clubs Against Racism).

Lara has experience working in international non-profits and social enterprises, including her past business which combined yoga with workshops in Kolkata, India, providing human trafficking victims with employable skills and a support network for rehabilitation.

Lara now lives in Cambridgeshire, with her partner and two young children.

Naz Shah
Executive Assistant

Growing up in the Middle East and moving to the UK during her teenage years, Naz developed a strong commitment to advocating for people’s rights. She actively participates in various human rights initiatives, including marching and protesting for causes such as Black Lives Matter and the freedom of women in the Middle East, in London.

With a variety of professional backgrounds, including managing retail accounts and handling communications in the transport sector, Naz possesses a rich set of skills and expertise. She excels in building meaningful relationships with stakeholders and creating long-term organisational plans.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Naz has a deep love for animals, particularly dogs, and is a passionate travel enthusiast who enjoys engaging in conversations about different cultures.

Sophia Sinclair
Activism Academy Facilitator

Sophia Sinclair is a London-based Actress, Creative and Workshop  Facilitator. She regularly facilitates Drama workshops building self-esteem & confidence through improvisation, Drama games movement and mindfulness. Freedom of expression and empowerment (and of course fun) are integral to Sophia’s workshops.

Being able to gift others with the tools to succeed is why it’s important she’s a part of Every Future Foundation.

Julie Cheung
Activism Academy Programme Manager

Julie Cheung manages our Activism Academy programme. Julie uses her passion for EDI and social justice to create amazing opportunities for young people through this programme.

She is experienced in leading EDI training and aiding policy development for high-profile clients including police forces, public health services, and global brands. Currently working with several organisations as a consultant and facilitator across various areas of EDI including consent and sexual violence education for primary and secondary school students, and race equality work in both schools and the corporate sphere.

Ewa Dina
Workshop Facilitator

Ewa Dina brings her passion and energy to her facilitation, delivering high-energy and engaging workshops with young people.

Ewa is also a theatre Director and has worked on many high-profile shows and plays.

Rhiannon Turner

Professor Rhiannon Turner is a social psychologist whose research and teaching focuses on promoting positive intergroup relations and tackling prejudice in all its forms.

She has a degree in Psychology from Cardiff University, a Masters in Social and Applied Psychology from the University of Kent and a D.Phil. from the University of Oxford. Since 2012 she has been a Professor of Social Psychology at Queen’s University Belfast, and is Director of the Centre for Identity and Intergroup Relations. Rhiannon is a past recipient of the British Psychological Society Award for Outstanding Doctoral Research Contributions to Psychology (2007), the Society for Personality and Social Psychology’s Robert B. Cialdini Award for excellence in field research (2008), and the Gordon Allport Intergroup Relations Prize (2011).

In 2020, she featured in the BAFTA-winning Channel 4 documentary ‘The School That Tried to End Racism’. Rhiannon has two young children and lives in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Josephine Jengo

Josephine Jengo is an experienced programme manager and specialist in gender related issues. She currently leads in supporting Commonwealth Parliaments to strengthen gender-based violence legislation, promote gender equality and apply gender informed practices within politics.

She has also worked for various grassroot organisations supporting women from minority backgrounds who have experienced gender-based violence and exploitation. Josephine is passionate about empowering women’s voices especially from minority communities and has 7 years’ experience working on this cause.

Niran Vinod

Niran Vinod is a creative strategist at the Creative Shop, working with fashion, retail brands and agencies to help them maximise their creative potential on the platform. Bringing together photography, design and technology for brands is nothing new for Niran as he has bridged the worlds of commerce, content and community for over 10 years, with past experience at We Are Social, Independents United and AKQA focusing on the Nike Football account.