About us


We are Every Future Foundation. Our Mission is Racial Equity and Racial Justice.

Our mission is racial equity and racial justice. We want to permanently and ultimately create racial equality in the UK and worldwide. Racial discrimination has existed in the UK for hundreds of years. The Covid-19 crisis and The Black Lives Matter movement have highlighted major issues. Including huge differences in the treatment and perception of white citizens versus racialised minority citizens. 

In order to bring about lasting, permanent racial equity, we must create a new generation of leaders that can lead us to change.
Our racial equity programmes give young people and their educators a solid foundation of race and equality combined with leadership skills and self-belief to trust that they can be “the change they want to see in the world”.
Our Curriculum

Developed with award-winning Professors nand KS2 & KS3 curriculum designers

Ofsted & ISI Benchmarked

A benchmarked impact report provided to each school.

Peer Reviewed

Peer reviewed by Oxbridge Professors.


Recommended by ACEN (The African Carribean Education Network)

Where we started.

Every Future Foundation started off as Saturday morning “racial equity” breakfast clubs across South London, educating young people on anti-racism and activism. We were known as “Breakfast Clubs Against Racism”.

Since then we have branched out into school workshops, teacher training and we used the ‘Breakfast Club’ framework to develop our new Activism Academy, launching in January 2023!


Take a Look at Our Racial Justice Programmes...

Take a look at our racial equity programmes. We offer student programmes aswell as teacher training workshops. We are also launching a new Activism Academy in January 2023 for young people aged 13-17.