Champions for Change Programme

For Primary Educators

A Year-Long Programme for Primary School Educators


This year-long anti-racism programme engages a school’s entire staff body to truly create and promote an anti-racist school environment and culture that will support every pupil to thrive.

Programme Structure

Our content is tailored to suit various roles within the educational ecosystem. It includes specific training modules for Senior Leadership Teams (SLT) and Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs), alongside core training for teaching and support staff. This tiered approach ensures that every member of the school staff can effectively contribute to building an anti-racist environment.

This programme includes:

  • Pre and post programme audits – to observe changes and allows us to make any specific recommendations.
  • User-friendly E-learning modules.
  • Supported by an in-person staff training session each term, where teachers can have discussions and seek support from our expert facilitators. 

This programme is for both racially diverse schools as well as less diverse schools as it is everyone’s job to create an anti-racist Britain!

Term 1: Establishing Foundations

  • All Staff (3 Hours)
    1. School Audit: An online comprehensive review conducted by all staff to assess current practices.
    2. Racial Literacy: A 1-hour e-learning module to enhance understanding of racial dynamics.
    3. Microaggression Training & Peer Discussions: A 2-hour in-person workshop to address subtle forms of racism and encourage open dialogue.

Term 2: Deepening Understanding

  • All Staff (3 Hours)
    1. Safeguarding Through an Anti-Racist Lens (Parts 1 & 2): 2 x 1-hour e-learning modules focused on integrating anti-racism into safeguarding practices.
    2. Working with Parents: A 1-hour e-learning module on engaging your parent body to improve diversity and representation in the school culture. 
  • For SLT & DSL:
    1. Addressing Bias in Disciplinary Measures: A 1-hour e-learning module on recognising and mitigating bias in school discipline.
    2. Addressing Bias in Ability Sets: A 1-hour e-learning module helps schools to identify if there is any ethnicity trends in ability sets and how to challenge these trends.
    3. Incident Reporting & Processes: An in-person workshop aimed at exploring your current systems and creating a process that all staff can follow if any racist incidents occur.

Term 3: Implementing Change

  • All Teaching Staff (4 Hours)
    1. Decolonising & Diversifying Curriculums: A 1-hour e-learning module focused on broadening curriculum perspectives.
    2. Curriculum Audit: An online exercise to evaluate the inclusivity of current curriculum offerings.
    3. Curriculum Workshop: A two-hour in-person session to discuss and refine curriculum adaptations.

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