Anti-Racism Policy Training

Anti-Racism Policy Training

What We Cover

Along with student safeguarding, we believe that an anti-racism policy for equity and inclusion is equally significant to actively promote nurturing, participation and achievement of all students by responding to their individual needs as well as implementing positive ways in which the rich culture of all members of the school community is celebrated and represented. 


We conduct workshops with school stakeholders to support the creation of an effective school policy that reflects their commitment to inclusion, equity and anti-racism. 


Areas covered: 

  • Identifying what inclusion gaps exist in current policy statements
  • Devising the support systems that can be put in place to tackle the gaps
  • Co-creating Guiding Principles, Framework and Action Steps for Policy Design
  • 3 Hour Workshop
  • For Governors, SLT and DEI Leads.
  • For Universities, Councils and Schools.


Inclusion and equity are essential factors to ensure each child and each member of the school feels physically, psychologically and emotionally safe with a sense of belonging in order to pursue learning opportunities actively and confidently. An Inclusion Policy can define what 

support systems, procedures, roles and duties the school has put in place to ensure that no member feels excluded based on their race, religion, gender, language, ethnicity and/or disability. This will further define the implementable action steps all school members take to promote inclusion and equity. 

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