Equality, Diverity & Inclusion Training (Coming soon...)

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Training
(Coming soon...)

What We Cover

At Every Future Foundation, we believe that inclusive and anti-racist cultures create productive, safe and creative work environments. We provide bespoke diversity training to councils, universities and corporations on how to support progress in this field.

Our diversity and inclusion training sessions are designed to be interactive and thought provoking – enabling individuals to gain a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.

Creating a culture of diversity and inclusion is essential for any organization that seeks to foster an equitable and respectful workplace. Our inclusion and diversity training helps councils, universities and corporations develop inclusive working practices for all staff, creating a positive work environment for everyone.

We provide comprehensive sessions to ensure the appropriate policies are in place to promote anti-racist behavior, while encouraging open dialogue between individuals regardless of their background or beliefs.

  • Exploring how racism and bias appears in modern day societies.
  • Understanding racism as a systemic and institutional problem and understanding how to challenge it.
  • Recognising microaggressions.
  • Understanding how to recognise the early signs of a racist work/school culture and understanding how to address it before it fosters.
  • Having positive conversations about race.
  • Fostering a inclusive and open environment in the workplace/school.

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