Racial Literacy & Microaggression Training - For Workplaces

Racial Literacy & Microaggression Training

What We Cover

Our racial literacy and micro-aggression training is designed to be interactive, thought provoking and accessible to all. This half-day training is a great step toward breaking down barriers between
colleagues of different cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and lifestyles – fostering a culture of free
respectful dialogue and encouraging cross-cultural harmony in the workplace. 

This training covers key terminology and why we use it aswell as exploring common
microaggressions and how to be a positive upstander.
The training is split into 3 main sections:

Part 1 – Developing Understanding:

  • Common Limitations when talking about race & how to break those down.
  • Setting the tone for the workshop.
  • Important terminology (both positive and negative) and why we choose some over others.
  • Develop understanding of ‘racism’ and its 3 levels & how these present in society. 
Part 2 – Microaggression Workshop:
  • Exploring Microaggressions & Early signs of racism with the workplace & society.
  • An interactive workshop in smaller groups.
  • Exploring bystander/upstander
    interventions and the pros and cons of
    public versus private interventions.

Part 3 – Discussions & Peer-led Learning:

  • Sharing from each small group about their
    activity and findings – to facilitate peer-led
    learnings and having deeper discussions.

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