Meet Sophia: Acknowledging colour in the film industry and educational institutions

About Sophia

Sophia Sinclair, along with being an extremely warm and loving human, is a London-based Actor, Writer, Director, Drama Coach and Workshop Facilitator who is making her way through the big industry by navigating the hurdles based on race and skin colour. She wears multiple hats in diverse working areas.

Apart from being a professional Actor, she has multiple varied interests: in her words, she enjoys ‘live music, visiting the theatre, immersive events and art exhibitions . . . jewellery-making and tarot reading.”

Sophia’s Anti-Racism Mission

Sophia is driven to work towards eradicating racism and runs anti-racism workshops across the UK with Every Future Foundation. Spreading awareness and bringing inspiration, education and support to students and teachers; she leads transformation in society.

Read our interview with Sophia below, on how she’s able to manage multiple interests and roles with such boldness and tenacity.

Interviewer- How have you been inspired and motivated to work on anti-racist initiatives, especially with young students?

Sophia- I’ve been an advocate for others since a young age, my parents always taught me to speak up especially against any kind of injustice. My mum worked in the charity sector for 15 years and always spoke to us about current issues and politics. Both of my parents experienced judgement, ignorance, and racial discrimination due to their mixed-race relationship and lived through the Brixton Riots.”

Sophia’s motivation behind her initiatives stems from a detailed exploration of racial and social polarisation in society since her childhood. Combating injustice is a persistent fight which demands the world be incorporated with activism and revelation.

Interviewer- You have worked in various creative fields – How do you think those creative experiences interact with your activism initiatives? How have you incorporated this interaction into your work with school students?

Sophia- I tend to work with lots of different people from diverse backgrounds, learning characters from all walks of life which is always an education and keeps me open-minded. I’ve often been on set where I’ve had to bring my own makeup and adjust or must do my own hair despite there being a fully funded hair and make-up artists- they’re just not trained or equipped work with afro hair or Black skin. There’s a huge inequality issue in the Arts, lack of diverse film/stage crew and management. I’ve been the target of racism and discrimination too.  Inequality and racism are still a huge obstacle in my industry. Performing and public speaking are intrinsically linked, my Drama training and my Drama workshops definitely influence the work I do in schools, as well as my personal experiences.

Working as an actor brings up the image of a glamorous life, but that image is far from Sinclair’s reality. A projected image of equality from the outside does not reflect within, as described by her lived experiences in the entertainment industry.

Interviewer- What do you like most about your work with school students and staff? Has there been a memorable interaction or any powerful anecdote that you would like to share?

Sophia- I love the moments where the ball drops and students sit in disbelief about news or history they’ve learned. I also love when the young people feel seen or empowered and encouraged. The learning that happens and the passion the students and teachers feel to create a better future. We always ask what the students learned from the previous session and an East Asian boy last month said “I learned I’m part of the Global Majority” with a huge smile on his face. That was a moment.

Interviewer- Moving forward, how do you think Every Future Foundation and other organisations like us, can continue to fight against racial inequalities? How do you see yourself facilitating that change?

Sophia– I think that ultimately, it’s about a culture shift, educating people and giving them the power to change things in small ways that create a new normal and dismantle the racist structures in place. Empowering young people and working with schools to decolonize their curriculum, literature, and gaze. Training staff and having them challenge their own bias and the institutions they navigate is so important. I’m happy to create safe spaces to do this, to educate them and nudge people in the right direction. Encouraging others to discover their power is important to me.


Sophia Sinclair’s commitment to anti-racist advocacy is invaluable to Every Future Foundation. Her passion for education and developing a safer and more just world enables her to inspire those around her. Sinclair, in her work with Every Future Foundation, has positively impacted numerous students and teachers across London in the most profound way and is actively continuing the same. We surely need more people like her to, quoting Nelson Mandela, “[We can] change the world and make it a better place. It is in our hands to make a difference.”


We are so grateful to welcome amazing and inspiring facilitators to our organisation. We are always on the look out for passionate individuals to work with us – if you are interested in facilitating for Every Future Foundation – get in touch with [email protected]


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